Monday, February 27, 2012

Let the Jobs begin...

After a long interview and waiting process I start work tomorrow. I took a 3 day/week position as a school SLP and a 2-3 day SLP position in an assisted living facility. I am keeping my inpatient per diem position at my favorite rehab hospital ( also my favorite job) and taking on another per diem position in a similar acute care rehab hospital. This should keep me plenty busy. I am kind of bummed that they all came together in basically the same week. I was ready to go weeks ago for the school and over a month ago at the assisted living place. I am most nervous about the school position. I have an undergraduate in elementary education and worked as a teacher for 2-3 years before going onto grad school. It has been awhile since I had pediatric clients so I feel a little rusty. I am sure it will all come back to me quickly but I'm still nervous. I am so thankful that being a speech language pathologist can bring you into so many different work settings.

Why, so many jobs? Well with having 4 kiddo's I am very concerned about committing to full time work and having to put all my little ones in day care for the summer. Last spring/summer I had a ton of per diem work at my favorite hospital I worked 3-5 days a week pretty regularly. The hospital opened up another rehab about 45 minutes away and with that went a lot of the patients from that area. I had tons of days and even weeks scheduled to work but they kept getting cancelled do to low census ( not many people in the hospital) I should be able to put together full time work for the next few months. The school job will end when the kids get out of school and then I will be done to 2 or 3 days a week. I can add or take away hours with per diem at the hospitals depending on how things in the start up are going. Then add in more hours come fall.

I have not got a lot of direction on this school position. I had to call up the director of special ed to set up my start date and to ask who I was reporting to and what the schools hours were. I kind of already new the hours b/c I looked them up, but still I think that is important info to give a new employee

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