Thursday, February 23, 2012

How did we get here?

I have been thinking for quite some time that I should blog about all the changes that my family is going through this year. I have another blog that follows our adoption to our sweet baby girl Lauren. I didn't want to muck up the waters of her online baby book with all the craziness surrounding our lives right now. So where to begin? Well, last year just around this time we came into some major life changes. My husband had been in a partnership of a company that he founded for 11 years. The partnership had runs its course and weathered many an up and down. He was not happy and needed an change and needed to head out on his own. He left his comfortable position in a great company that he had grown form scratch. We took a few months to figure out what we should now do. I was able to go back to work per diem as a speech l@nguage pathologist in a rehab setting while P stayed home with Lauren and the boys. It was a little bit scary to think that we had to rethink our whole lives and livelihood. We made some BIG decisions. We decided to sell ours house, move to another state ( not that far away), move in with my mom and start our own business. My mom has a good size house but it needed a TON of work. We cleaned out our house, cleaned out her house, her roommate moved out, my brother filed for divorce and moved in with his dog, and then we moved in with our big crew: 2 adults 4 kids and 2 cats. It has been a very busy house.

There will be many a time that I complain and vent about my new life in transition. It is hard to start a business. It is hard to move to a new town that is not as nice as the one you came from. It is hard to go back to work and stressful knowing that my paycheck is the one that has to pay the bills. But it is hardest to see my husband work so hard to build a company AGAIN. He isn't loving the process. I don't blame him. It is not fun to start from scratch she you are in your early 40's with 4 kids ( It wasn't a picnic being in your 30's with 1 kid either). We have done this before and se just have to remember that once we get through this it's gonna be great.

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