Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A little family getaway...grr house stuff

We headed to the maine coast for a few days while the kids are on break. Our condo is rented so we are staying at my brother's beach house. It is good to get way from it all and just be. Our beach friends are here with their kids as well so all the better.

I have been hearing some negative feedback on our house/house-showings. It is hard to hear. Some things we know. We need a new kitchen floor. But a lot is out of our control with renters in the house. BIG regrets on renting it. Honestly I thought we were doing a friend of a friend a favor. We were not looking to rent the hour but agreed to do so when she said that she would show the house for us. Seeing that they just sold a house you would have thought they would know what to do. I did not realize they had taken over 2 years to sell there house or the reason why. I know now.

I asked our realtor to schedule a showing so that I could go into the house and see how it looked for a "showing". Our tenant pushed back on the time. I requested 10:00-10:30 and she asked for the potential buyer to come at 11:00-11:30 instead because her kids had been sick that week and she wanted them to sleep in. As I walked up the walkway I see a window screen leaning on the side of the house. I look up to figure out which window it came from. As I look up I see where the screen came from and another screen hanging off the window. WTF. The house was picked up and tidy. However the house had an unclean run down feel. The granite countertops had a layer of grime on them, the kitchen sink was empty but filthy and there were large stains on 4 out of the 5 rooms that have rugs. All things that were not present 4 weeks ago when we staged the house and took pictures. Just maddening.

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